That’s one hell of a title for starters; Rebooting my life and creating My Miracle Morning. Really? Miracles? I’ve decide to start to write about this today because, well because today doesn’t feel much like a day for miracles, quite the opposite. Today started off feeling pretty shit quite frankly and for the first time in a long time I cried, no, I sobbed and all before 5:30am. Now I know I won’t finish writing this today, it’s going to be a mammoth post so let’s hope when I come back to it I’ll have started to feel better, read to the end to find out (insert Eastenders-style cliff hanger sound).

What the heck was I doing up at 5:30am you may well ask, it was 5am that I got up actually. It’s all part of my Miracle Morning routine that I’ve adopted for the past few weeks and already I’ve been through a spectrum of emotions. I’ll give you the potted version of what a Miracle Morning is; it’s making time for yourself to do the things you’d like to do, but don’t have the time in your normal daily routine.

Everyone’s Miracle Morning can be different, you tailor it to your needs but, in the case of my Miracle Morning, I do the following;

10 minutes of Headspace

10 minutes of EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique or ‘Tapping’)

5 minutes of Affirmations

20 minutes of Journaling & Gratitude

20 minutes of Reading (I’m reading Achieve anything in Just One Year at the moment)

20 minutes of Pilates

This takes me up to 6:30am when I pop the kettle on and let the girls out of the utility room to run riot around the house. Oh, if you’re wondering, the girls are my darling Kokoni rescue dogs; I don’t make the kids sleep in the utility room.

So what’s so special about this Miracle Morning Rebecca, and if it’s so good why were you sobbing because of it? Well that is a jolly good question; let me break it down;

Time is not the enemy

Do you ever have ideas about how you could improve yourself? I mean things like a little bit of planned exercise every day, keep a diary, and maybe squeeze in a bit of meditation and mindfulness? Do you then follow those ideas up with thoughts such as; ‘but there’s no time to fit this in today, tomorrow, or even next week’? That’s as far as you get and you’ve tried to jump the first hurdle and instead, tripped over it in spectacular style, dusted yourself off, and looked around to make sure no one noticed – Phew nobody did!

I’ll tell you why there is never time, it’s because you don’t make time. And, before you get defensive and want to beat me with my own imaginary wet fish that I save for numpties who annoy me on a daily basis, I GET IT, that was me too. I had no time, I felt like I was sinking with all these wonderful ideas about self-improvement and positivity but no way to fit it in let alone take the first step towards that hurdle.

That is why you set your alarm clock (or even better your Lumie Alarm clock) for a 5am wake up call…if you take a deep breath and say it really quickly it doesn’t hurt too much, try it!

[deep breath…] 5 o’clock in the a.m. […and fully exhale]


Set that alarm of yours and you can tick off all the areas of the miracle morning in time for a finish at 6:30am when you can flick the switch on the kettle or coffee machine with a winning smile, sense of achievement and oodles of positivity for the day ahead.

Can I just add  this disclaimer rhubarb here please….if you’ve got this far you may be thinking oooh Rebecca’s chatting shit and is clearly getting paid for this mumbo-jumbo;

disclaimer specific to this post: This is not an advert, sponsorship, collaboration. I got paid nothing, nada, zilch for this. I’m thrilled with how this has started working for me and being the lovely person that I am (all hail me!) I wanted to share it with you. Any links to products in this post are amazon affiliate links if you click on the link and purchase the product I get 1%-5% (sometime more, depends on the company agreement with Amazon) this may be a few pennies in some cases but for a stay at home mum, every little helps.

Now I’ve got that off my chest, let us continue…

Create a stillness

To allow your mind to be open to explore your potential, create opportunities and deal with the crap you’ve buried deep within, you need your mind to be still. This takes practice and as the brain is a muscle that we’ve used 24hrs a day every day since birth you’d think we could control it and our minds by now but no…no, no, NO we cannot. We need to practice in order to let the mind be still, totally still. I’ve been practising mindfulness for a while now and have completed over 600 minutes of mindfulness, this makes me a novice still but I am in a place now where I can stop and be mindful at any time in the day even if it’s just for a couple of minutes, and this is so valuable when I get anxious and I’ve been able to avoid panic attacks now because of it.

Headspace - My Journey; rebooting my life and creating my miracle morning

Once I have opened my mind and created a stillness I find that I am more receptive to thoughts that pass me by. Several thoughts have passed me by recently and these are familiar thoughts to me, in fact I can’t think back to a time before I had these thoughts but they always shot passed me so quickly I couldn’t catch them.

Imagine the wonderful BFG trying to catch beautiful dreams and horrible nightmares in his net, this was me but I had been failing to catch these ideas forever, I mean literally my whole life in some instances. The day I began to write this (yes, today is another day) I caught one of those thoughts as it zipped past my head and was able to hold it in front of me and observe it.

I sobbed.

I panicked.

I sobbed some more.

I acknowledged it.

Accepted it….and learned from it.

Now THAT is some powerful stuff right there (nearly swore again!). It took me a week to process what I’d caught in my net; I still have to revisit it now.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll be aware of the drama’s that go into making Glutarama what it is (a kind of gluten free, recipe, type 1 diabetes, coeliac, autism type of bloggy thingy). So, it’ll be no surprise that I have some suppressed stuff going on in my head, but this process doesn’t just deal with the recent past or present, it deals with what feel like eons ago and I now realise that it’s those buried moments in time that have shaped me for better or worse.

This is something we could all do with trialling, if you’re ready, receptive and open, you’ll be amazed at what you uncover.

The other mini Miracle Morning elements

In a nut shell (because I want to move onto something else that has been life changing for me), the other elements to my Miracle Morning are all things that I welcomed as areas I needed to develop.

The affirmations are there because I DON’T LISTEN TO MY OWN ADVICE! I’ve actually recorded myself using the sound recorder on my phone saying positive things that are personal to me. These two short affirmations I play to myself each morning and really, thinking about it, I ought to play them throughout the day too if I’m ever in need of a half time pep talk!

The gratitude is important to make me even more grateful for that which I have, sometimes it can be easy to get sucked in by self-pity (Oh how I hate self-pity, it’s ugly and I’ve been there before). By choosing to write three things, just three things that I am grateful for from the previous day I am acknowledging what is there and making a conscious decision to look out for more things to be grateful in this, my bright shiny new day. Today one thing I’m grateful for is the beautiful vase of daffodils on the table in the coffee shop I’m currently writing this in. See, it doesn’t have to be rocket science or anything headline worthy, just the little things…the important things.

Headspace - My Journey; rebooting my life and creating my miracle morning

The journaling is super-dooper important to me, after being still, listening to my affirmations and being grateful I just seem to point my pen at the paper and it writes for me quite effortlessly, it’s fascinating to see what comes out and unless anything needs to be actioned immediately I’m planning on reading back every two weeks or each month to see if or how I’ve moved on and learnt from my thoughts. This also agrees with my creative side as I make sure that I have a gorgeous journal to write in and lovely pens to highlight and underline.

The reading, as I’ve mentioned above, tends to be one particular book at the moment but in the future I may opt to read something fictional and uplifting or inspiring. Again, it’s just nice to have the time to be able to do it when I’m awake and alert. Alert! You say. Yes that’s right, by the time I reach the reading stage of miracle morning I’m awake and ready for the day.

Last activity in my Miracle Morning is my beloved Pilates, I adore Pilates and have been lucky enough to have been taught by an amazing women who chased her dreams all the way to Gascony in France. Susie now runs and blogs about Pignoulet which is predominantly a Pilates retreat, but also the perfect venue for other retreat ideas or family holidays. Because Susie was such an excellent teacher I am able to fit 20 minute routines into my day, every day and know how, and what, to work body wise…I even correct my posture Susie with your little voice in my head and a knowing smile on my face. Because of my daily Pilates, for three weeks now, I am stronger, more flexible and more confident in my own body.

Headspace - My Journey; rebooting my life and creating my miracle morning

That was a jolly big nut shell wasn’t it, sorry, but I’m so super keen to share this knowledge with you.

But Rebecca, you’ve skipped over EFT (whatever that is?).

Yes, indeed I have, there’s a good reason for that, it’s because the next person I’m going to introduce you to, introduced me not just to EFT, but a whole different way of looking at myself as a woman; the woman I wanted to be, the woman I’ve become, and the woman I’m bloody well going to be – watch out world!

Reboot your Life with Sophie Le Brozec

My dear friend Mel introduced me to Sophie and her Life Reboot Camp in April last year and from that very moment I’ve been hooked. Actually Mel had been going on and on and on about Sophie for about a year but I wasn’t in the right place to do something about my life at that point in time, then Sophie did a 10 day Love the life you live course. It spoke to me, yes, more than Mel had done so for 12 months!

Headspace - My Journey; rebooting my life and creating my miracle morning

image courtesy of Sophie Le Brozec’s website

I took the plunge and paid for the full Life Reboot Camp (which is ridiculously cheap given how much I’ve blossomed as a result of it). The lifetime course includes 6 modules and one such module is called Woo Woo, which up until last year I thought was a cocktail. One of the sections in that module is EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique whereby you tap specific points on your body to release tension, anxiety and suppressed emotion.  I use EFT scripts written and performed by Marie Houlden. Now Woo Woo in this instance is kind of a bit ‘out there’, something you may think of as weird and whacky, believe me, I did, but wait, hear me out.

Headspace - My Journey; rebooting my life and creating my miracle morning

image courtesy of Marie Houlden website

I’ve been waffling for ages now; cast your mind back to the opening sentence;

“…for the first time in a long time I cried, no, I sobbed”

I have EFT to thank for that, I had just completed an EFT script called ‘Letting Go’ and boy did I let go! I’m actually on my third day of writing this post now, it’s not a difficult one to write but it’s throwing up new emotions every time I reflect upon it. It’s now eight days since the blubbering like a baby incident and like the BFG I’ve been able to release that thought into a big glass jar and pop it up on a shelf for safe keeping.


Last bit of advice, remember this from earlier;

That’s as far as you get and you’ve tried to jump the first hurdle and instead, tripped over it in spectacular style, dusted yourself off, and looked around to make sure no one noticed – Phew nobody did!

Well, if you have an accountability partner they’ll be right there behind you, either laughing at you flat on your face or holding a placard saying ‘YOU’VE GOT THIS’. Either way, choose someone to tell about your plans to be a better you and whoever you choose will support you in the style you need the most whether it be humour, positive encouragement or army-style.

well that’s it from me, I hope my Miracle Morning has inspired you and not the total opposite, if you had any moments of self doubt whilst reading this then my best advice would be to choose one thing that resonated with you the most and do that instead. To get to the top of the mountain (or hillside, or even the top of the stairs in your house, if the two previous images scared the pants off you) you need to take the first step.

…take ONE step.

You may want to save this for later in which case pin Rebooting my life and creating My Miracle Morning

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