NEW! Schwartz Gluten Free Mixes

You may or may not be aware that Schwartz has recently brought their Schwartz Gluten Free Mixes to the shelves of most leading supermarkets. I was delighted to be sent these by Schwartz to trial them with my two kiddies in the driver seat in the kitchen.

Schwartz Gluten Free Mixes

I’ve mention before that Bethany and Lewis have allotted days that they cook for the family now, it was something I decided on starting following our extension and beautiful new kitchen. I felt that this was a pivotal point in the Smith’s lives to start as we mean to go on and I cannot stress enough the value of allowing children into the kitchen to cook. I’m not just talking about helping to make cupcakes and sweet treats either, the key skills learnt making a family dinner for four will set my two up for life.

I told Schwartz that it would be my children cooking with these and that I would post our experiences making them. It would also be a good test to see if Lewis would come out of his comfort zone. Lewis loves my chilli and spaghetti bolognese recipes and could quite literally eat them every day if I allowed it (to be fair, I sometimes think life would be much easier if I did but I have to have some diversity when it comes to meals). These two packet mixes were going to test Lewis and I was anxious they’d not match his limited palette.

Schwartz Gluten Free Bolognese Mix

Bethany was cooking on the night we chose to prepare this mix. Now, I have to be honest, I’m no fan of mushrooms, and the kids can spot a speck of onion at 20 paces, I’m not even exaggerating. It just so happens that whilst I really, really love onion; onion really, really hates me. So to give my tummy a stress free evening I chose not to give Beth an onion to chop.

Just to prove how simple this family favourite dish is to make, I simply put the ingredients onto the worktop and sat back with my Canon around my neck waiting to snap Bethany at work (she wasn’t too keen to begin with but it was a moment of camera shyness and she soon got used to being papped by her mum!)

Beth simply read the instructions on the back of the packet and Bobs your Uncle….he’s actually called Ian but I digress! In the time it took to boil the gluten free spaghetti Bethany had made the ragu and it smelled delicious.

The moment of truth, was Lewis going to eat it? We all sat down, I added a bit of ‘green’ to the dishes (that’s Beth speak for parsley, to achieve the fully effect you need to screw your nose up whilst saying ‘green’) After I’d photographed the heck out of the dinner (kids are used to this now, in fact Lewis has been known to take photos of things he’s about to eat too) …we tucked in.

Schwartz Bolognese Mix - Gluten Free

Ha ha ha, notice the ‘green’ fell off my Bethany and Lewis’ plates onto their mats…funny that!

Mum, Dad and Bethany thought it was a huge success, I’m not just saying this, it was really tasty, secretly I had hoped Lewis was going to turn his nose up so I could have his too! Did he, didn’t he? Sadly on this occasion Lewis was not in the mood for trying someone else’s Bolognese and he announced mine was better. I guess I should have been relieved nay proud but secretly I was a bit gutted, this was so simple to make and such a success with ¾ of the family that I’d rather hoped he’d loved it as much as we did.

I’m not deterred, what I may do is have some of mum’s special sauce to add to the mix next time. I can make this special sauce in advance and freeze it in tubs or preferably ice cube trays…what’s my secret? Veggies! A whole heap of veggies, all pureed and added to my home made ragu’s…I think that’s the flavour Lewis is missing….watch this space and I’ll update with Lewis friendly Schwartz Bolognese Mix soon!

Schwartz Gluten Free Chilli Mix

It was Lewis’ turn to cook on chilli night. It had been a week since Beth had made bolognese and the memories were fresh in Lewis’ mind.  He walked into the kitchen and said, I’m not making that, it’s a packet mix (don’t panic, Schwartz, it gets better!) I asked Lewis if he would like me to make dinner tonight and he agreed and went back to the safety of his YouTube bubble.

Schwartz Gluten Free Chilli

I took a gamble and after browning off the mince added the packet and removed all evidence! With this mix you simply add tinned tomatoes and kidney beans (now like the onions, I love kidney beans but kidney beans do not love me…honestly, a girl could get a complex here!) I decided that it was worth the tummy grumbles on this occasion and added the tin; seriously, you can’t have chilli without kidney beans can you?

The smells emanating from the kitchen got everyone’s mouth-watering and when I called the family to the table there was a mini stampede! I added my ‘green’ snapped the dish and held my breath.

Schwartz Gluten Free Chilli

“I know this isn’t your chilli, I saw the packet in the bin”

Bugger! I’d been rumbled!

“I know sweetie, but I opened the packet and smelled the mix and it smelled so much like my chilli I was confident you’d like it”……

Lewis wanted seconds HURRAH! My chilli’s take a couple of hours to cook in the oven, I don’t do five-minute-chilli’s …this mix is like a proper oven baked chilli, and you know it’s got to be true because the boy from Glutarama…he says Yes!

Mum always does the cleaning up afterwards though!…

Watch out for our other reviews for Schwartz Gluten Free Mixes to include; Fajita, Cottage Pie and Macaroni Cheese (using the gluten free cheese sauce).

The Schwartz Gluten Free Mixes use in this review were sent to us to try for free, there was no other compensation. All the thoughts and opinions were mine…and my children’s.


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