Sunshine, Market, Tea Rooms and Bromham Mill

This last week has been pretty hit and miss with the weather, I had my fingers and toes tightly crossed on the Friday as the rain poured and poured. Saturday was going to be the first Bromham Mill market of 2017…and I’d planned a visit with Bethany and Lewis.

We woke on the Saturday to beautiful sunshine and a pleasant touch of warmth to the air. Perfect! Or maybe not, Lewis had woken in a less than confident mood and going somewhere new was too much for him to handle. Such as shame, we pass the Mill every week day as I take Lewis to school. We’ve watched the signs go back up to declare the café open 10-4pm now that the weather is ‘better’ and I promised Lewis on many an occasion that we would visit. I thought he’d be excited, Saturday, was not the right day for Lewis but that was fine. One call to my sister and we arranged for her hubby to have Lewis for an hour with his cousin whilst Beth and I escaped!

Isn’t it funny how we all live close to a public attraction of one description or another yet we never think to visit it, we’re lucky here in Bedfordshire to have so many beautiful places of interest yet our family haven’t even scrapped the surface of what’s out there waiting the be discovered. I’m going to promise myself that I try to right this wrong, Bromham Mill has inspired me.

With huge amounts of parking there was plenty of room for this and the market stalls of which there were approximately 12, to be fair I didn’t count. I believe there would have been more but the horrendous weather from the day before put some people off. I had one agenda on my shopping list; Mother’s Day Presents. To be fair we were spoiled for choice but Bethany was shooting around the market like a headless chicken getting excited at all the jewellery and red arts and crafts…she’s into red at the moment, but she refutes it’s another phase!

I ended up buying a little something for my mother-in-law,  and I brought myself a Mother’s Day present with Bethany’s approval, it would have been rude not to! The colours matched my new kitchen perfectly and I plan to hang my aprons on it!

We ventured into the mill and looked around the gift shop packed with gifts relevant to the mill and local arts and crafts goodies, we could have spent a fortune! Upstairs you have the art gallery, again filled with local work and mixed in with the art you’re treated to a walk back in time with historical references to the mill in its working days.

Downstairs you have the café, the ladies in the tiny kitchen were doing a sterling job coping with the never-ending queue of people keen to have a welcome hot drink or a piece of homemade cake. There was plenty of seating outside but this was pretty much full, what with the market being so popular, Bethany and I chose to sit inside but not before ordering a slice of gluten free Lemon Drizzle Cake for Beth with a hot chocolate and a slice of Raspberry Bakewell Cake that was both dairy and gluten free for me with a pot of black tea. Both our cakes were huge, Beth couldn’t manage all of hers!

The seating area inside actually opens out in the summer with easy access to a small but perfectly forms wooden play area dotted with pieces of wooden sculptures. Once we’d eaten and drunk our fill Beth and I walked further into the cafes seating area to discover the actual mill, now not in operation but the sound of the water thundering past under our feet was wonderful, we were surrounded with more memorabilia and historical pieces linked to the mill in its working days, I could have stood there for ages listen to the water, in fact, we hasn’t realised but the café seating area extended round to this part of the mill so we could have chosen to sit there with the sounds of the water.

After our refreshments and a wander around the mill we ventured back outside to see what lay beyond the play area and car park. We were pleasantly surprised to see a large picnic area perfect for the warmer months and there is a Bromham walk signposted to take you on a circular route around the village, woods and the river.

Plans are being made to revisit again in the Easter holidays with other mums to take full advantage of the beautiful scenery, play area and café…I’ll most certainly be back before then though!