Our family really love pancakes…I mean REALLY love pancakes. We’ve made it a bit of a tradition to have pancakes on New Year Day, and of course we have the obligatory stack of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday too. In fact, when the kiddies were in pre-school I used to drop them off on Tuesdays with a reminder ‘don’t forget, it’s pancake day’! the staff used to groan with jealousy at the mention of it…to us, at that time, EVERY Tuesday was pancake day.

Lewis has a limited interest in food however, you pop a plate of pancakes in front of him and he can eat all of us under the table…it’s incredible, I honestly do not know where he puts it? The only downside is the carb-kick that Beth has to factor in when she’s giving herself insulin, but as the weekly pancake sessions are no more these teatime treats are just that, treats.

In the lead up to our New Years Day tradition, I was faced with two dilema’s 1) can I still cook a cracking pancake on my new induction hob 2) how the hecky thump am I going to take part in the tradition given the fact I cannot tolerate dairy or eggs!

Then I remembered, I had a Mimen Pastry Mix from Naturbit in the cupboard…which also states it’s good for making pancakes! Eureka! Mummy will go to the ball and have pancakes!

How to make the batter

It’s super simple, using 200g of the mix add 500ml water, whisk to combine and leave to stand for 30mins.

I’ll be honest (come on, you know me by now!) I veered slightly from the recipe and added almond milk instead of water and only used 100g with 250ml almond milk. This makes 5 pancakes.

For the record I have also made these since with water, there’s very little different in taste or texture so both ways are winners in my view.

Cooking your pancakes

This bit IS different from a ‘normal’ or even gluten free pancake. These take a wee bit longer to fry, about 2x longer. The batter can be very fragile so you need to be sure the pancake appears dry on the uncooked side before attempting to flip it over.

Fry your pancake for twice as long as you would a ‘normal’ pancake


These pancakes go a delicious golden brown.

Making your pancake stack

We love to see the plate piled up with pancakes in the middle of the table, none of this Mum in the kitchen making one pancake at a time and finally getting one herself…my rules! So I’ve always made the pancakes and popped them onto a plate in a barely warm oven.

The top shelf: Gluten Free Pancakes The bottom shelf: Gluten Free & Vegan

Here are some of my favourite fillings just in case you needed inspiration, walnuts, maple and bananas, strawberries and bananas and if I have them it’s always lovely to throw some blueberries onto the plate, I’ve used Oatly cream here (not for Beth obviously) but have found recently that I’m getting better at tolerating soya. The chocolate sauce is Sweet Freedom Choc Shot. With all those fillings I can rarely manage more than two so it’s also worth pointing out that these don’t mind being popped in the fridge overnight so that I can make a pancake roll to pop into Beth’s lunch box the next day.

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