Good morning, good evening, good night! For those of you new here, I’m Rebecca and this is my humble blog Glutarama.  Click on the link if you want to know more about us but the abridged version is; married, kid one (daughter Yay!), kid two (son Yay!), Type 1 Diabetes, then Coeliac Disease, followed by mental health, chucked job, Autism diagnosis! That pretty much sums up the last 10 years of my life – pleased to meet you!

There were 25, TWENTY FIVE, delicious recipes linked up to last weeks brilliantly hosted linky with my lovely friend Midge at Peachicks Bakery. As I saw them being linked I was thinking ‘how can I choose a few to round up for my week of hosting #CookBlogShare’ I wanted to add them all, and to be fair there’s nothing to stop me but as I salivated over the links a pattern was forming and it was also a group of recipes that could be easily adapted to be free from; BINGO! I’d round up an Indian Family Feast.


Priya’s Spicy Vegetable Bread Parcels over at Joshi Cooks are a recipe I’d never heard of and instantly fell in love with, firstly its simple to make and secondly these parcels are not just the perfect side dish to my Indian Family Feast but would make an excellent lunchbox or picnic snack. I’d use a gluten free bread in place of ‘normal’ bread for this recipe, and I’d suggest Tesco or Sainsbury’s own as their breads are denser with less airholes.

image courtesy of Joshi Cooks



Eb does love her spices over at Easy Peasy Foodie and her Easy Prawn Korma is no exception. Okay, so it’s doesn’t pack a kick on the spice scale, but the infusion of spices stimulates the senses and for this round up to be a family feast there would need to be a kiddie friendly dish, so Eb’s curry if perfect for the job.

image courtesy of Easy Peasy Foodie


Easy Butter Chicken Curry

This next recipe added by Jo at Jo’s Kitchen Larder is her Easy Butter Chicken Curry. I’m intrigued by butter chicken as I’ve never had it before but every time I see it on a menu or on Pinterest I pause before moving on to something more familiar. Since I was hosting this week, I took more time to look through the recipes linked and knew I’d love the dish despite having to tweak it to be dairy free so I could eat it too (yeah, forgot to mention that in the into, I’m a complicated bugger too when it comes to diet!)

image courtesy of Jo’s Kitchen Larder


Restaurant Style Yogurt Mint Sauce

Geetha at Flavours Treat has answered my prayers with this recipe. I miss this mint sauce so much and now I have the recipe I can adapt it so I can eat it again. Let’s face it, no Indian Family Feast is complete without poppadoms – LOTS of poppadoms and dips are compulsory, I love the lime pickle and the red onion sides but no meal is complete without proper Restaurant Style Yogurt Mint Sauce.

Image courtesy of Flavours Treat

I hope you love the idea of these recipes as much as I do, believe me I will be making them and treating us to a free from friendly Indian Family Feast very soon and I’ll be sure to report back to each cook featured how we got on, I can’t wait.


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