This isn’t one of my own recipes, this is a shout out to Free From Fairy and her Strawberry Bliss Balls. Oh my! they really are blissful, and the great thing about them is that they are totally sugar free unless you count the naturally occurring fructose. I made mine to the exact ingredients that Vicki used and I agree that there’s no need to add sugar, what I made sure was that the strawberries were super ripe and sweet in the first place…hard green tinged bullets would a) not be a nice strawberry full stop and b) be as sweet.

I’m definitely going to make these again but next time I may dabble with other nuts, I’m thinking ground almonds and cashews…if I’m feeling particularly rich I may try cashews and pistachios for a super creamy deep flavour. The use of coconut flour is genius because this too has a slight natural sweetness. Because I used super ripe and delicious strawberries I needed a little more coconut flour as suggested to bind the mixture.

Here’s my version … they didn’t last long, popped them like sweeties!


Strawberry Bliss Balls 1

Strawberry Bliss Balls 2