Hello, I’m Rebecca. While I have first hand experience of all the issues raised in my blog I have to point out that I am not medically trained, therefore please seek medical advice from a professional if you are concerned that any of these issues may be affecting you or a loved one. I am very much in love with my children and husband, and am passionate about their conditions as indeed any mother would be. From time-to-time this may be all too clear in my writing and whilst I do try not to get caught up in the emotion of it all, sometimes my heart does the typing not my head. I would be devastated if my thoughts were to upset anyone in any way and I do hope that you find this blog helpful and in the way it was intended, life’s a drama already, lets not add to it.

We’d love to hear from you, if you have a question regarding one of the recipes, something you’d like to ask the family about the things that affect our lives or an opinion you’d like to express, please complete the contact form below and I will endeavour to respond within 48hrs, if your question requires a more indepth response please allow longer.

Oh! and one last thing, I’ve added some links to useful kitchen utensils, baking gadgets and gizmo’s and ingredients in my posts, these are all items that I use myself and can recommend. If you click on the link and wish to make a purchase then Glutarama get a few pennies for your trouble. It’s certainly not going to make us rich but every little helps to keep Glutarama going…or at least pay for the costly gluten free ingredients we have to use on a day-to-day basis. Thank you kindly, Rebecca x

About me

I’m Rebecca, mum to two amazing children, each with their own unique needs.

This blog was originally an online recipe scrapbook for my daughter my theory was; life’s a drama, gluten free doesn’t have to be…

Today I write about everything that relates to our family, whether it’s free from recipes, reviews, autism, mental health, Type 1 Diabetes and so much more…

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