[revised with new dates for 2019] So Pancake Day falls on Tuesday 5th March this year, I’m sure I look this up every year and you’d have thought I would have archived the information in my mind now to present itself at the right time but no…here I was again this morning googling Pancake Day and the meaning behind Shrove Tuesday.

Obviously I know the basics being brought up on the basics of Christianity and attending Sunday School for the first 13 years of my life but I’m a wee bit older than that now and the little grey cells fail me more and more these days!

So! more for me and maybe of interest for you I’ve listed the top 5 facts about Pancake Day and linked to my all time favourite free from recipes. Enjoy!

Flippin Marvellous Top 5 Pancake Day Facts;

1 The term Shrove Tuesday comes from the word ‘shrive’ which means to ‘absolve’ in this case it’s a time for reflection, absolving our sins and preparation for the 40 days of fasting ahead that start with Ash Wednesday.

Across the world, different countries feast on various simple foods, each food suggests what was prevalent hundreds of years ago. In the UK those foods would have been eggs, flour and milk therefore these are the ingredients that would have needed to be eaten up in preparation for the fast. Other countries make pastries, doughnuts, soups, omelettes and eat meat for the last time for 40 days. (My Russian sister-in-law observes veganism for 40 days)

Pancake Day races actually originated in a village about 6 miles as the crow flies from me in Olney, Bedfordshire. The story goes that in 1445 a housewife became so embroiled in making pancakes she failed to notice the time until she heard the church bells. According to folk tale she ran from the house, frying pan in hand tossing her pancake as she legged it to the church…I adore this story and want  it to be true so in my books it is 100% accurate!

Olney Pancake Day Race - collection of free from pancake recipes

Pancake Day is exactly 47 days before Easter Sunday which is determined by the cycles of moon (Sundays are not included in Lent)

Next year Pancake Day is on Tuesday 5th March 2019.

Well there you have it, hope you’ve learnt something new? I did…again (rolls eyes) lets hope by writing it down I’ll actually remember it this time! Okay-dokey, onto the delicious recipes I promised you. below is a collection of free from pancakes, I’ve tried to cover all free from requirements so hopefully there’s something here for you. Click the images to be whisked off to the recipes in a new tab and remember to have flippin fun…too much?

Peachicks Bakery – Coconut and Lime Pancakes (GF, SF, NF, Vegan)

Mums Big Pancakes! (GF)

Le Coin de Mel – Banana Pancakes (Vegan, GF, NF, Refined Sugar Free)

Intolerant Gourmand – Perfect Pancakes (GF, SF, Vegan, NF)

Free From Farmhouse – Chia Seed Pancakes (GF, NF, Vegan)

Free From Fairy – Pancakes in a Jar (GF, DF)

Easy Peasy Foodie – Oat, Almond and Berry Pancakes (GF, SF, Vegan)

Pancake Day! Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes; vegan, dairy free, egg free, gluten free

Apple and Cinnamon Pancakes (GF, NF, Vegan)



8 Delicious Pancakes; American style and crepe style pancake recipes for this Pancake Day, all are #freefrom recipes so nobody need miss out #glutenfree #dairyfree #vegan #eggfree #pancakes #pancakeday #shrovetuesday #fasting #traditionalrecipes #freefromgang

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